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Are you ready to heal, transform, and manifest like the beautiful creator you are? If so, you’re in the right place. It’s my joy to support you with 20+ years of healing and personal growth knowledge, tools, and training to help you shift your vibrational state, create the life your heart truly desires, claim victory over trauma—and transform any challenge into greater empowerment, fulfillment and mastery.

Energy Healer, Author, Heather Mandel

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  • Embrace your natural powers and gifts to heal yourself and help others heal.
  • Clear physical, mental and emotional energy blockages to feel lighter, freer and happier.
  • Alchemize life’s toughest trials and challenges and emerge as a victor vs. a victim.
  • Work miracles of intention, change your reality, and experience yourself as a powerful creator.
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“I enthusiastically and without reservation recommend Heather to anyone seeking healing for any areas of their lives. She is highly intuitive, focused and effective in getting to the root cause of issues and helping you eliminate them. I am totally confident in Heather’s ability to help me and my family with any issue that might arise.  She’s truly gifted.”

—Kameron, Ladera Ranch, California

Here’s What I Know With All My Heart

We are eternal creators, and miracles of healing are our birthright.

Recent scientific discoveries show that everything is made of energy, frequency, and vibration—including us. As powerful, eternal energy-in-human-form, we’re able to influence and change our realities by the power of our conscious intention.

As a result, energy healing is now widely embraced as a powerful tool to help heal life’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges, and create more positive realities. It’s safe, non-invasive and, most importantly, highly effective.

All that’s needed to perform energy healing on ourselves, or work effectively with a healer, is our focused intention to heal—along with an openness to identify and release the root causes of our challenges, and a heart-felt willingness to believe in and receive our healing according to divine timing and our highest good.

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Our state of being determines our experiences—not the other way around.

Because everything in the universe is energy, the vibration we hold plays a huge role in how we experience life. It’s influenced by our intentions, beliefs—and most significantly—the emotions that stem from them.

In fact, our emotional and vibrational state is the key to manifesting reality. Have you ever heard the saying, “You get back what you put out?” It’s true.

Without denying or suppressing our thoughts or emotions, but rather using them as a guide, we can shift to a vibrational state of unconditional love and empowerment. From here we can solve challenges, heal pain, and transform our reality.

Change your state, you’ll ultimately change your life—guaranteed.

The only meaning is what we create. Life is ours to define as we wish.

Difficult challenges and pain are part of most people’s stories. However, miraculous transformations can occur when we realize this very simple fact: there is no objective meaning in anything, and we are free to define whatever happens however we wish.

We are also free to let go of negative, limiting beliefs about ourselves and life, and replace them with positive, empowering ones.

We can choose to remain a victim of circumstance or become the victor and alchemist of our life situation. We can define a trauma as the worst thing that ever happened to us, or as the very thing we needed to grow and expand as a powerful, eternal being and fulfill our mission on earth.

Remember, you are not at the effect of life. Life is at the effect of YOU!

“Not only was the cyst gone, the doctor pointed out several other areas in my uterus that looked different from my last ultra sound; his exact words were “this doesn’t even look like the same uterus.” He then went on to tell me that everything looked perfect for pregnancy.

I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of different healers and different healing modalities over the last 13 years and I can say without a doubt that Heather embodies what it means to allow spirit to work through you. She is in tune with a higher consciousness and with a healing energy that is not only powerful but incredibly effective.”

—Brooke, Boulder, CO

A Gift for You: My Guide to Help You Raise Your VibrationYours Free

Change Your Vibration, Change Your Life!

It’s true: the intentions, beliefs and emotions we hold make up our vibrational state of being. And our state of being determines the quality of our experiences.

As we choose to hold and nurture a positive vibrational state, we can begin to attract more positive experiences into our lives, regardless of circumstances.

In this guide, I share five powerful ways to shift to a more positive vibration and start manifesting greater joy, abundance, health, well-being, peace, and fulfillment. And it’s packed with proven recommendations and tips to help accelerate the process.

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Below are some of the articles I’ve written about spirituality, mindset, health, wellness, and healing.

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