No doubt you’ve heard about the chakras in some form or another, and perhaps have been a bit puzzled about exactly what they are and how they function and affect our lives. Perhaps you thought that chakras had something to do with an ancient eastern religion, or were some sort of a yoga woo-woo, sit-in-a-lotus position kind of a thing that was too difficult and weird to grasp.

If so,  don’t worry — you’re not alone. Tainted by cultural ideologies, chakras have been thought of as religious ideas or symbols and thus their true, basic importance has been missed by many. So let’s get beyond those old ideas spawned by myth and tradition and, with open minds, find out why understanding the chakras can be vitally important to one’s overall health and well-being.

The Unseen Beauty of the Chakras
Human beings are so preoccupied with their outward physical appearance they forget that there’s a vast universe of energy and magic going on inside of them that gives them life. Much like air and electrical energy, the fact that we can’t see our chakras doesn’t mean they’re not there. It’s now scientifically proven that we are all entirely made up of energy, and that our physical forms are just a reflection of the unseen fields of life-energy that flow within us.

We’ve discovered a wonderful video that takes you inside your amazing body where your beautiful, life-driving energy resides. It explains from a child’s point of view exactly what the 7 chakras are, and how they impact your life. Before we get to that, go to the next page for a quick primer about the chakras.

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