The chakras are real, swirling pools of energy that exist in our bodies. Because emotional blockages can occur that interfere with the chakras’ natural function, knowing how to clear and balance them can improve one’s overall health and quality of life. Following is a brief explanation of how each chakra (starting from the bottom — root chakra — of your body upward towards your head) is related to your physical, emotional and spiritual life. And on the next page is a wonderful video from a popular children’s program that explains in a very simple, easily understandable way how to clear the chakras.

The 7 Chakras

root1. Root Chakra

Represents being grounded in physical life.
Location: Base of the spine/tailbone area.
Emotional issues: Survival issues around money, safety, shelter, food, feeling grounded.


2. Sacral Chakra

Represents creativity, emotions, connection to others, and ability to accept life.
Location: Lower abdomen, two inches below the navel
Emotional issues: Guilt, sexuality, pleasure, feelings of abundance and well-being


3. Solar Plexus Chakra

Represents confidence, will, and power.
Location: Stomach area/upper abdomen
Emotional issues: Shame, self-worth, self-confidence, willpower.


4. Heart Chakra

Represents our ability to love.
Location: Center of the chest/heart area.
Emotional issues: Grief, love, joy, inner peace.


5. Throat Chakra

Represents communication and speaking truth.
Location: Throat area.
Emotional issues: Lying to ourselves and others, communication, self-expression, truth.


6. Third Eye Chakra

Represents our ability to see the larger picture and higher dimensions.
Location: Forehead area, just above and between the eyes.
Emotional issues: Seeing through illusion, intuition, imagination, wisdom, decision-making thought.


7. Crown Chakra

Represents spirituality and ability to connect to our higher self.
Location: Top of the head.
Emotional issues: Letting go of attachment, spiritual connection, beauty, bliss.

Now watch the simple but profound video on the next page that explains the chakras and how to clear them in a beautiful, simple, easy-to-understand way. You will love this!

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