As an energy healer, I’ve facilitated miraculous healings for my clients, family members, and friends—helping them with things like dissolving cysts that were going to have to be surgically removed, fusing torn tendons back together, transforming negative core beliefs, healing long-standing emotional challenges, and more.

I’ve also enjoyed a career as a world-class writer for industry-leading companies, built a successful home-based business, written a children’s novel, and lived in beautiful places like Sedona, Arizona. I’m married to my soul mate, and enjoy friendships with kind, loving people I adore.

However, I walked an extremely hard road to get to this pointand the truth is, I barely made it.

For many years I struggled with complex PTSD, major depression, body dysmorphia, and crippling low self-esteem stemming from severe childhood abuse and traumas.

To say that I went through a dark night of the soul would be an understatement. It felt like an unending battle against something that hated me and wanted me gone.

On the surface, I put on a brave face to make a living and survive. By the grace of God and my own sheer will, I did more than survive—I thrived in a successful career as a Global Fortune 500 copywriter and marketing consultant in my 20’s and 30’s.

But inside, I felt broken, alone, utterly defeated by my abusers, and hated by life itself. My attempts to heal using mainstream methods didn’t work. I tried alternative modalities that were more effective, but nothing brought deep, lasting relief.

Little did I know at the time that these extremely difficult experiences were setting me up to rise above being a victim and become victorious over my challenges—so that I could make my biggest contribution as a healer and human being during this time of transformation on Earth.

And that one day, I would experience deep healing and liberation on levels I never imagined were possible—and help others to do the same.

From Trauma to Transformation

At age two, during a routine eye surgery, my right eye muscles were damaged and one lost—resulting in permanent disfigurement, loss of mobility, and poor vision of that eye. Despite many fervent prayers and a visit from a renowned healer, my eye’s appearance, mobility, and vision did not improve. And despite there being a malpractice case, I received no justice or compensation for my injury.

So began my exploration in forgiveness and self-healing.

My eye injury was just the beginning of my childhood traumas. Growing up, I was physically, mentally, and emotionally abused by my mentally ill caregivers. My young, developing brain entered into a permanent state of fight-or-flight, resulting in C-PTSD and decades of near-constant anxiety and depression.

Meanwhile, I was tasked with helping myself and other abuse victims in my life to survive and heal from these painful experiences.

So began my mission to help myself and others recover from trauma and heal.

At school, I was ridiculed by other children about my eye injury, whispered about, bullied, and excluded from their cliques. It hurt, badly, but it was a blessing in disguise.

One day at age eight, while wandering the playground alone as I often did, I started contemplating the infinite nature of space and the universe. I also began to awaken to unity consciousness, realizing that on some level we are all one.

So began my journey in spiritual awakening.

At age eleven, I participated in my first healing miracle by joining my family in laying hands on my grandfather in prayer. He was terminally ill with lung cancer and had been given only 6 months to live. Shortly after our prayer, he experienced a radical remission.

So began my work as a healer.

Today, I’ve transformed C-PTSD, depression, body dysmorphia, and low self-esteem into unconditional self-love and empowerment.

I accept everything I’ve been through as part of my choice to incarnate in a physical reality whose current theme couldn’t be clearer to me: to awaken from a nightmare of unconsciousness, realize one’s true nature as pure, divine energy, and transform darkness into light.

And I’ve embraced my life’s mission to help others do the same.

No matter what you’ve been through or are experiencing right now, always remember that you are beautiful, infinite, perfect, and indestructible divine energy.

You are pure awareness, spirit incarnate, and conscious energy that cannot die. Nothing can or ever will take that away from you. You are indispensable to existence itself—and you’re here for no better reason than to be yourself in all your glory.

I love and salute you as a fellow master and am here to help support you in your transformation and mission!

With great love and gratitude,

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