Here are some key signs that you are experiencing a shift in consciousness to a higher vibration:

1. You Can No Longer Tolerate Negative Energy, People, or Substances

One of the first signs that your frequency is rising is that you lose your desire and tolerance for lower frequency people, places, or things. This includes toxic food, drink and substances, violent entertainment, people who are negative and abusive, and even places that hold a dark, depressing vibe. As you literally lighten up in mind and body, you will naturally gravitate away from that which isn’t of a like vibration.

You might:

  • Stop eating food with low nutritional value, or stop drinking alcohol or sodas, because consuming them makes you feel heavy or sick
  • Lose interest in a lot of drama-driven TV programs, as well as certain movies and music
  • Feel more anxious and uncomfortable talking with people who complain, gossip, yell, or are otherwise abusive

Don’t be surprised if you start eating much lighter and healthier foods, stop watching TV altogether, or decide to stop hanging around certain people — even family members or long-time close friends. Trust that if they’re supposed to be in your life, they will match up with you frequency-wise sooner or later.

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