2. You Feel a Deep Connection With and Compassion For All Living Things

It’s scientifically proven that we’re all energetically interconnected with one another and that separation is an illusion. Once you start awakening to your true, essential nature as infinite, eternal, indestructible spirit and energy, you’ll also recognize that everyone else is made of the same stuff as you. Not just people, but also animals, plants and even rocks, because everything is one; everything is alive and is an expression of the same, one consciousness on some level.

Truly, what you do to another, you do to yourself. So you’ll find any tendency to judge and find fault with others dissipating as time goes on. While it’s true you’ll naturally want to stay away from negative, toxic people, you’ll also have deep compassion for them because you’ll realize who they really are underneath their human ego. Thus you’ll choose to hold them in your heart with love, even if you can’t be physically near them at this time. You’ll also begin to love yourself more and be more compassionate toward yourself, too.

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