3. You Start to See Through and Question Systems of Power and Control

Humanity has been mind manipulated and conditioned to view and experience the world according to the agenda of those who wish to control it — very much like how an illusionist mesmerizes his audience and directs them to see what he wants them to see. We have been controlled through a masterfully constructed framework of disempowering systems based on false authority. These include money, politics, religion, mainstream media, corporate-controlled government, a vast portion of industry, a large section of academia, and more.

As you raise your vibration and awaken further, you’ll probably start to question things you’ve long accepted as “realities we just have to live with,” such as:

  • The monetary system which creates poverty and hunger that could easily be eradicated
  • The “necessity” of war as a means of keeping peace
  • The idea of going to “hell” if you don’t follow certain religious rules
  • The suppression of certain technology, energy alternatives, and treatments for illness
  • And much more

Some of these things will start to seem counter-intuitive or just won’t make sense to you anymore, and that’s good. It’s just an indication that you’re unplugging from “The Matrix.” Keep questioning and allow yourself to fully awaken to the deeper truth of who you are and what this life is really for. It’s not to struggle as a slave to money, society, anything or anybody.

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