4. You Start to See Your Intrinsic Value and Reject Social Standards

As you awaken to the transcendent truth that all beings are made of the same, essential, fundamental energy, or “star stuff” as Carl Sagan called it, you’ll see that we are all equal and valid as beings. No one has the right to claim authority or power over another. No one is better than another. No one has the right to set and impose standards for beauty, talent, or worth, or suggest that you’re somehow lacking or aren’t good enough exactly as you are.

The world of high-powered political figures and rulers, royalty, celebrities, elitists –and in fact hierarchy of any kind — will cease to make any sense to you. It may even start to make you cringe when you’re around it. As the veil of the old, 3D-contrived reality lifts further, you’ll probably care less and less what people think of you or whether you fit society’s mold. You’ll settle more and more into the understanding that you are a perfect, powerful, awesome, beautiful, loving being beyond any standard. And you’ll literally begin to shine in all your glory.

Although the pull of the collective unconscious is powerful, the momentum is shifting and the rise of a new earth and a new humanity is inevitable. Relax and go with it, and stay strong and committed to your own process. Align yourself with like-minded people who are actively unplugging from the old and emerging into the new. There are more out there than you might think.

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