Are you struggling to let go of negative people in your life? Do you sense that this is something you must do if you want to move forward and make your dreams come true? If so, you’re absolutely right. Hanging around negative, toxic people — no matter who they are — is a sure way to keep yourself stuck and going nowhere. And that’s exactly what the negative people in your life want to see: you stuck in mediocrity like them, not fulfilling your dreams, and certainly not outshining them.

As the old adage goes, “you are the company you keep.” Hanging around negative, toxic, cynical people simply makes you negative, toxic, and cynical. You’ve also probably seen how powerfully true this statement is: “you get back what you put out.” If you put out negative attitudes and energies in the world, you will get negative experiences as a result.

The way to cultivate more positive attitudes and energy so that you see more positive results in your life is simple. Let go of negative people and align with positive people instead. Behave like they behave. The truth is that the only way to see a different result in your life is to do things in a different way. Start with hanging around more positive people, while eliminating contact with negative people. And see how quickly you will manifest the life of your dreams.

Many of us need serious motivation to let go of negative people. The video on the next page can help.

Article Image Source: mexcatracho